Cancer Screening Inequalities Fund


Cancer Screening Inequalities Fund (Airdrie and Bellshill)

Fund Purpose

  • To support increased take up of cervical and breast screening in the Airdrie and Bellshill areas due to their particularly low uptake rates.
  • Cervical screening uptake is falling in Lanarkshire and across Scotland. Evidence demonstrates that uptake is around 20% lower in those from the lowest socio-economic areas in comparison to those in living in the highest.
  • There is also growing concern over the youngest 25-34 year group and their participation in screening.
  • There is less available data on uptake in Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, those that experience physical or learning disability and LGBT communities but indications are that screening uptake in generally lower compared to the white UK population.

Funding Provider

NHS Lanarkshire

Custodian Funding


Recurrent or Fixed Term

Fixed Term

Fund Start Date

May 2023

Fund End Date

One year from start date

Award Process

  • Funding Schedule produced by Senior Programme Officer (SPO) and shared with CEO for approval
  • Award letters to funded project prepared by SPO including quarterly invoice amounts and unique purchase order numbers for each invoice. Senior Manager Community Solutions (SMCS) checks and signs award letter and they are then issued
  • Funded project returns signed acceptance section and first quarter invoice, quoting the unique purchase number order, to SPO. All paperwork is saved in a Spoint folder and a link sent to Finance. Subsequent invoices for remaining quarters submitted by host organisations in line with schedule in award letter
  • Once satisfied all paperwork is present and correct, Finance staff will process each invoice in Xero and SMCS approves it on system, Funds are then released to project in next payment run

Reporting by funded projects

Interim reporting in Jan 2024
End of Project Reporting in May 2024

Reporting by VANL to funder

Interim reporting in Feb 2024
End of Project reporting in Aug 2024

Organisation: Bear Necessities
Project: Cancer Screening
Amount Funded: £7,500

Organisation: Culture Junction
Project: Cancer Screening
Amount Funded: £7,379.60

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